Poetry Belongs to Everyone

April 1, 2014

It’s April 1st today; a day with 2 traditions:

  1. April Fools’, and
  2. the first day of National Poetry Month™ in the USA.

In honour of both traditions, I, a non-American poet living in Australia, will be celebrating and hosting a National Poetry Month at http://bgbowers.com.


Apart from the fact that I consider myself an American-in-Waiting 😉 I am deeply passionate about this oft-misunderstood-and-under-appreciated-beauty called Poetry.

How will bgbowers’ Poetry Month differ from other’s?

Mine has a theme: Poetry Belongs to Everyone

A theme that was born thanks to the vision of my friend Gigi AKA Hit and Run 

It is my hope that poetry will eventually throw off the heavy cloak of misconception and find its rightful place on bookshelves everywhere.  The idea that poetry is difficult, if not impossible,  to understand and written only for those, “academic types,” must come to an end. Poetry needs to be seen for what it is…a way to communicate quickly and with passion. ~ Gigi

Like Gigi, I want to advance the idea that poetry is not the property of academics, but rather belongs to everyone. It’s common knowledge and widely accepted that when it comes to reading novels and stories, different people appreciate reading different genres, authors, writing styles, and levels of difficulty.

Why then, should poetry be any different?

Moreover, that misconception that Gigi talks about is exactly what kept my poems hidden for so long, and I know that it keeps many other poets hidden too. Like Gigi, I too desire to change that misconception – so much!

What to expect?

For the month of April, I’m organising a number of guest bloggers (some of those being the hidden poets that I refer to) to share original poetry and poetry-themed articles and essays. I will also liaise with MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie to organise a variety of Poetry Prompts, beginning next week (details to follow later)…

You can help!

To ensure that each post receives enough ‘face-time’, I will be posting every 2 days. Each and every post will be repeatedly shared, by me, via Social Media throughout the month, and, I ask you the readers to do the same. If a particular post resonates, then please do share the love on your social media networks and with friends.

Additionally, if you would like to make a personal contribution as a guest blogger, I welcome you to contact me.

Challenge, anyone?

Why not set yourself a poetry challenge for April? Poetry.org has 30 ideas for you to consider.

Me, I often hold back poems due to my obsessive-compulsive-perfectionist-trait, so I’m exiting my comfort zone and setting a 30 day challenge. More on that later 🙂

This Week’s Schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, April 2 – Original poetry and insight from Gigi
Friday, April 4 – “140 Characters: Poetry and Form” by David Henson
Sunday, April 6 – Original Poetry from DA Botta



More about Bianca Bowers

Bianca Bowers is the author of three poetry books; Love Is A Song She Sang From A Cage (2016), Passage (2015), and Death and Life (2014). She holds a BA in English and Film/TV/Media Studies and her poetry has appeared in Shot Glass Journal, Tongue In Your Ear, and The Art Toppling Tobacco Project. The human condition is the heartbeat of her writing explorations, and suspended metaphors are trademarks of her poetry and fiction. Download a free short story and stay updated when you subscribe at: www.biancabowers.com

      1. Thanks, Wendy. Gigi’s quote is spot on – I think that people generally think of poetry in 2 ways: elitist or for hopeless romantics. Personally, different poems appeal to me, just like books do, and I know that it’s the same for everybody else. This stigma of not being good enough is long overdue for a makeover. I received your email and I am happy with anything of your choice. I’m looking into setting up an “admin user account” for guest bloggers so that they can reply and comment to their guest blogs. I will let you know x

    1. Fabulous beginning. I am looking forward to following this poetic venture throughout the month. Thank you so much. It’s very exciting.

      1. Thank you, Gigi. Your quote is inspired! I’m looking into setting up an “admin user account” for guest bloggers so that they can reply and comment on their own guest blogs & will be posting your poems in next half hour or so. I will let you know x

    1. Reblogged this on Rethinking Life and commented:
      April is Poetry Month and Bianca is dedicating her posts to Poetry, in a big way. She has a lot of exciting things planned. This is an interactive venture, which consists of her friends, other bloggers and poets. I think it’s going to be wonderful. Check it out…because poetry is for everyone. I’m happy to be part of it.

    1. A great idea. I was one of those that believed that poetry had to be hard and/or obscure. I started writing poetry that speaks in more normal terms. I think of it as “poetry for the rest of us”. It took me a long time to decide to throw it out there. Poetry is like sex. It is only good if you get it:)

      1. Thank you! Of the supposed ‘good poetry’ that I read, very little actually appeals or resonates with me. Just like there are different genres for different readers, so it should be for poetry too. 🙂

    1. Great idea 🙂 I’m all for it & couldn’t agree more… that was why I kept my poetry private for so long too ^_^ I’m joining this challenge too & feel really excited cuz of it 🙂 I found poetry magical & charming…
      Want to spread the magic of it so that all the world can feel it with all hearts – & it will! no doubts 🙂
      Best luck to all & lets have lots of fun & inspiration flying within 😉

      1. Hi Kate and thanks so much for commenting. I’m glad that your poetry is ‘out of the closet’ – I believe that there is an audience for all types of poetry, just like book genres. Would you like to share a poem or a story about your personal experience as a guest blogger?
        Bianca x

        1. Hi, Bianca 🙂
          Sorry for the late reply – I gave it a thought & decided that would be my pleasure to do both 🙂
          But though I have a slight idea of poem & know what to do with it (or how to write it), I’ve never been a guest blogger so might need a little guidance… like approximately length for the start & date by which it should be done 🙂
          & I think so too that poetry has ways to every heart just some people don’t want to let it in… out of ignorance or having some other issues or assumptions over it… I believe that everything worth a try before saying “no”
          Looking forward to hearing for you & thanks a lot for such sweet & kind suggestion & invitation ^_^
          Kate xo

          1. Happy to hear that Kate. Perhaps a brief introduction about what poetry means to you and how you found the courage to start a blog and share your words with the world.
            As for a poem – it can be any length – just pick one of your best and favourite poems to share.
            How about the 3rd week of April?
            Bianca x

            1. Sounds great 🙂 Thanks for guidance, Bianca 🙂 I think I’ll write something new on that occasion but lets see 😉 when I have something ready I’ll connect with you here or on twitter ^_^
              Tnx a lot again 🙂
              Kate x

    1. A celebration of poetry – that’s a good idea! 🙂 I’m sure that poetry is losing it’s stuffy association with the academics of this world and is moving towards appreciation by everyone – and so it should! It’s quite amazing finding there are hundreds of very young people writing some extremely mature and talented poetry on Tumblr. If I hadn’t opened a blog there I would never have know how good poetry is on Tumblr. Some are academic people and others are from it. And Tumblr being a ‘very young world’ of bloggers, really shows that poetry is becoming extremely sought after, and a very useful way for young people to express themselves! 🙂

        1. That would be lovely Bianca, I’m sure I could find something in my poetry files. I’ll email you either this evening or some time tomorrow, thank you! 🙂

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