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True Detective: A PBW’s argument against Affirmative Feminism 

True Detective: A PBW’s argument against Affirmative Feminism 

Originally posted on Point Blank Woman:
The reason that feminists find True Detective unpalatable is because it is…and therein lies its brilliance; a refusal to entertain politically correct propaganda and an unequivocal adherence to a realistic portrayal of the ugly offspring of misogynism, patriarchy, violence and religion. True Detective Season 1: Opening Credits (HBO) YouTube Every now and…

Human Winter Song
Film / poetry

Human Winter Song

This selection of shadorma, haiku (first attempts for me), and freestyle poems were inspired by a movie I watched over the weekend, called The Frozen Ground. The film is based on a true story about the hunt for Alaska’s worst serial killer, Robert Hansen (Trailer clip at the end for anyone interested). I enjoy atmospheric films with … Continue reading

Why I Write
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Why I Write

Nillu Stelter tagged me in a Why I Write post last week, and today’s post is my response. If you haven’t visited Nillu yet, then I encourage you to do so. In addition to being a wonderful human being, her writing is intelligent, insightful, soulful, and always tinged with beauty. Thank you, Nillu. Why I Write Writing … Continue reading

Guest Poet Roy Guzmán / poetry / writing

In Defense of Contaminated Poems (Guest Post)

Good morning/evening Poetry People. Before I introduce today’s guest, I ask that you please re-visit yesterday’s post – Introducing Hellen Masido – there was an issue with the links, but they are amended and working now. My sincere apologies, Hellen! Now, please welcome today’s guest, Roy Guzmán. You can find links to his work at the end … Continue reading

#NPM14 / Guest Post / Oloriel Moonshadow / poetry / writing

The Cost of Reading Fees (Guest Post)

Welcome to Day 23 of #NPM14. Please welcome back Oloriel Moonshadow. Last week she shared her sublime poem, Monday’s Existential Blues, and today she is back with an article about Reading Fees. … *If you are not fond of attitudes, reasoning, literature betterment for the love of it and food analogies, this article will probably … Continue reading

#NPM14 / Magic & Marvels / poetry / writing

Magic and Marvels (Guest Post)

Welcome, Poetry People, to day 21 of National Poetry Month where I’ll be hosting a range of guest bloggers during April. Click HERE to see what you’ve missed so far, and please welcome today’s unique and talented guest Poet, Carrie. Thank you, Carrie, for sharing your insight and poetry. You are pure Magic and Marvels to me x … I’ve made a … Continue reading