I’ve recently started watching a TV show called River Monster’s with Jeremy Wade. Wade is a biologist, extreme angler and writer who investigates fishermen’s myths about attacks on humans in river systems all over the world. He will often spend weeks at a time trying to catch his target fish with no luck, which prompts him to […]

It’s important to do your best. When you’re working on a piece of writing, be it a blog post, poem, short story etc. it’s important to spend equal time thinking it through, writing it, polishing it, and letting it breathe, before you release it to the world at large. But, what happens if you’re never happy? […]

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I remember watching Big Bang Theory and Sheldon was looking for input on how to make friends.  Throughout the episode he initially approached this as an equation that needed solving.  Later he conducted surveys and also consulted books on how to make friends.   At this stage in my…

… Forfeit I must forfeit my life uproot my poisoned feet abandon my motherland ∞ I must forfeit my possessions but I am sentimental I’m afraid my memories will bleed with the loss of each page that fills the books of my youthful hope a lifeline of words that suspended my sadness ∞ Each and […]

  © 2014 B.G. Bowers … I don’t know where this poem came from, but I had fun doing it :-)

Dance under a rose sky over cut grass the wind your music Curtsy to the sunset when it dips in the valley Applaud the day with heartfelt thanks Take love by the hand when darkness falls Let your gratitude compete with the stars ∞ Each day is built, create them with care Magic waits to […]

Bee Gees – Stayin’ Alive (1977) You Tube I celebrated 40 years of life this week. And, while I’m presently at peace about my passage from 30s to 40s, I admit that the number 40, and all of its superficial implications, managed to confront me in the months leading up to my birthday. It surprised […]

I did it! I’ve got a complete first draft of my novel, The Colour Fence. Over the last two months I have written over 70,000 words and now have a completed first draft of 106,000 words. I am aware that the real work is yet to begin; there will be countless edits, revisions and drafts […]

Dear Readers, My blog is 1 year old this month, and it has got me thinking about what I’ve achieved and what I would like my next 12 months to look like. If you had told me this time last year that I’d have the opportunity to interact with so many talented people, publish a […]

This is the final post for National Poetry Month 2014. I thank all of the guest poets who contributed by sharing poems and offering differing perspectives on why Poetry Belongs To Everyone.  I also thank the poets who participated in the 2 poetry prompts. For your reference, a complete list of links will remain permanently […]

Good morning/evening Poetry People. Before I introduce today’s guest, I ask that you please re-visit yesterday’s post – Introducing Hellen Masido – there was an issue with the links, but they are amended and working now. My sincere apologies, Hellen! Now, please welcome today’s guest, Roy Guzmán. You can find links to his work at the end […]

Welcome back, Poetry Lovers, to Day 26 of #NPM14. I’m super excited to introduce today’s guest poet, Hellen Masido. Hellen is one of the first bloggers that I met on WordPress and, for the reasons to follow, she has a special place in my heart…. Hellen studies Film and Theatre in Kenya and is a […]

Welcome, Poetry People, to day 25 of National Poetry Month where I’m hosting a range of guest bloggers during April. Click HERE to see what you’ve missed so far, and please welcome today’s guest Poet, Belinda from BusyMindThinking. Have you ever given any thought to people and the associations that we either consciously or sub-consciously […]

Given that there is only a week left of #NPM14, I’m inviting everyone to participate in one last poetry prompt. Have you ever given thought to your personal writing style? Is it recognisable enough to mimic? This prompt, should you choose to participate, is about choosing a poet, be it a fellow blogger, or favourite […]

I’m going to keep this brief, and I apologise in advance for interrupting the #NPM14, but this is a serious matter that I feel obliged to make public. A fellow blogger (I’m not mentioning her name; those who know me and those who think they know her will be able to work it out for themselves), […]

Welcome to Day 23 of #NPM14. Please welcome back Oloriel Moonshadow. Last week she shared her sublime poem, Monday’s Existential Blues, and today she is back with an article about Reading Fees. … *If you are not fond of attitudes, reasoning, literature betterment for the love of it and food analogies, this article will probably […]

Welcome, Poetry People, to day 21 of National Poetry Month where I’ll be hosting a range of guest bloggers during April. Click HERE to see what you’ve missed so far, and please welcome today’s unique and talented guest Poet, Carrie. Thank you, Carrie, for sharing your insight and poetry. You are pure Magic and Marvels to me x … I’ve made a […]

When I began my blog a year ago, I had such meager and modest expectations that anyone would pay any attention to what was being written, let alone take the time to leave a comment because of something I happened to write. I wrote short stories then, a memoir of sorts, recollections of a kid […]

Welcome, Poetry People, to day 18 of National Poetry Month where I’ll be hosting a range of guest bloggers during April. Click HERE to see what you’ve missed so far. Please welcome today’s guest Poet, Oloriel Moonshadow from Color me in cyanide and cherries. She’s going to hate for this, but I can’t sing her praises […]

Welcome, Poetry People, to day 16 of National Poetry Month where I’ll be hosting a range of guest bloggers during April. Click HERE to see what you’ve missed so far. Please welcome today’s guest Poet, Suzy Hazelwood from WordMusing. Suzy is a very talented, warm, and generous lady who has a wide range of writing […]


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